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About Dr. Kiran Nerkar

A Medical Doctor whose specialty is in performing surgery to correct deformities, repair injuries, misalignments and deformities especially in the face; performs a thorough examination of patients to verify necessity of operation and be able to estimate possible risks to a patient; determines and recommends THE BEST procedure that would leave minimal and unrecognizable scars.


Dr. Kiran Nerkar, a Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, graduated from a reputed institute B.J. Medical College & SGH, Pune. Dr. Nerkar was selected for his Superspeciality training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in a National Board Certified Training Institute MTH, Cochin, Kerala. He underwent aggressive training over five years in managing a variety of aesthetic problems as well as solving reconstructive challenges under eminent faculties of national repute.


Dr. Nerkar manages a variety of problems related to Face & Body aesthesis. He also specializes in MICROVASCULAR SURGERY (Re-attachment of amputated body parts following trauma, reconstruction by means of tissue transfer for losses following cancer surgery & trauma) as well as Microneural Surgery (Related to nerve injuries & their comprehensive management). Hand surgery is his field of special interest in addition to cosmetic surgery. He is experienced in managing a variety of problems related to hand including congenital deformities, deformities following trauma, burns, stiff hands, nerve related disorders.

Dr. Kiran Nerkar
MBBS, DNB (Plastic Surgery),MNAMS